Van Cleef Arpels Vintage Alhambra 5 Turquoise Motifs White Gold BraceletFor women, jewelry is a natural ornament, decorate the beauty of a woman, to enhance the woman's temperament and taste. But if it is not good, it will become like this.
Wearing jewelry is the identity of the show, take you, represents a ritual, but also pay attention to taboo. What are the rituals and symbols when they wear jewels?
First, the ring articles
Rings as one of the most common ornaments, began in ancient Egypt. In the culture of ancient Egypt, the circular ring symbolizes eternity, is the divine marriage between men and women.
In our country, the ring as a marriage between men and women began in the Northern and Southern Dynasties period. "cheap van cleef arpels vintage ring" also has a "constraint" meaning, representing both men and women loyalty to marriage.
Now, the ring is still closely related to the meaning of marriage. And usually worn on the left hand, representing God's luck. According to the international common ring wear law, mainly divided into the following.
General ring worn on the index finger, said unmarried women want to marry the wishes of married women friends is best not to wear the cheap van cleef arpels vintage ring in this hand.
Of course, do not rule out part of the "late marriage" female friends, the index finger to wear a ring to highlight the three-dimensional sense, but also help find a good marriage.
The ring is worn on the middle finger, representing a love but not married, a sweet symbol of love.
Usually worn on the middle finger of the ring, shape to the atmosphere gorgeous, a sense of weight, to form a balanced visual experience.
Put the ring on the van cleef arpels Lucky Alhambra Butterfly Necklace replica finger, on behalf of the already engaged or married, many foreign women wear the ring on the ring finger, worn to the suitors: "I have been out of single" hint.
Ring wear on the ring finger "constraint" meaning, a symbol of divorce from the single life, the formation of a happy family confidence. Generally will not easily take off. Suitable for relatively simple mosaic and orthodox modeling.
A little finger on the ring is generally known as the "tail ring", bring out the little finger of the slender, to fine beautiful is better.
However, in foreign countries, wearing a tail copy Van Cleef and Arpels Sweet Alhambra Bracelet has a "single" hint, generally do not easily wear.
Second, necklace articles
Necklace is also a favorite woman jewelry, originated in the primitive society, Yunnan Yunnan culture to flourish.
In today, the necklace on the interpretation of the beauty of a woman still has irreplaceable significance. And in different occasions, wearing a necklace style is different.
According to the different necklace length, can be divided into collar type, short necklace, princess type, martini type and opera type.
Collar necklace is the major fashion magazines Street shooting the necessary style, like a collar close to the neck, full of fashion and youthful atmosphere, but 30 years old woman is not recommended to wear, will appear too too tender, neither fish nor fowl The
Short necklace is the most practical necklace length, just down to the top of the collar position. IKEA IKEA, home, shopping or participation in important occasions can be worn. Especially for the neck slender slender women wear.
Princess van cleef arpels long necklace copy longer than the short neckline, about a little below the clavicle position. Form a V-shaped. Princess necklace is the most appropriate length, do not know which length of the choice of female friends, the princess is a wild section. Recommended with low collar dress, even more fashion sexy.
The length of the Martini necklace is longer than the princess type, lower than the opera type. Suitable for parties, parties and other important occasions to wear.
Moreover, the Martini van cleef arpels long necklace copy is also a petite or short neck female friend of the savior. Put on the willing to visually stretch the proportion of lines, resulting in a sense of hierarchy. Can be used with high collar clothes and soft colors of clothing.
The length of the opera necklace can reach 70cm, just in the middle of the chest. Usually not suitable for wearing. Generally only in a very important occasion with a dress to wear.
On the necklace wear, there are a few things to note
1. From the match point of view, long neck can wear a short necklace, short neck wearing a long necklace. Collar necklace is too fashionable, not suitable for women over the age of 30 to wear. Opera-style necklaces are only worn on important occasions.
2. Women over the age of 30 to the intellectual, generous is better, so the best to wear a necklace, not too exaggerated shape and a lot of necklace stacked wear.
Speaking of the van cleef arpels magic bracelet replica, necklace, how can we get a bracelet too much The earliest bracelet jewelry, found in the more than 6,000 years of Banpo site. After the Neolithic Age, Shang and Zhou, the development of the Western Han Dynasty, to the Tang Dynasty, women with bracelets as decorations have been very common, mainly using gold and silver or jade as a material.
After the Tang and Song dynasties, the types and processes of bracelets have a wide range of development, from simple gold and silver jade, to amber, agate, tourmaline, jade, pearl widely used. Modeling from a simple ring to the development of twisted wire type, bamboo type, beaded type and so on.
Since ancient times, whether it is dignitaries, van cleef arpels magic bracelet replica or civilians, will wear bracelets. People give the bracelet a good meaning, that it is love keepsake. The bride will wear when she gets married.
On the selection of bracelets, Bao sister in the previous article has been introduced in more detail, it will not repeat them.
1. Women over 30 years old, it is not suitable for modeling too exaggerated bracelet, not suitable for a lot of modeling exaggerated bracelet stacked together, like the unicorn arm.
A simple piece of bracelet is very good.
2. In general, metal bracelets and bracelets or crystal bracelets can not be stacked, it is neither fish nor fowl. Jade, crystal bracelet is also easy to knock bad. Hardness is not the same jade, crystal is not recommended to wear together, easy to friction with each other.
3. Buddhism believes that bracelets should be worn on the left hand,van cleef arpels Lucky Alhambra Butterfly Necklace replica because the left hand is "net hand", do not engage in labor, you can absorb the cleanest energy. Chinese medicine also believes that the heart close to the left chest, left hand closer to the heart, the bracelet worn on the left hand, is conducive to jade, crystal, precious stones in the trace elements absorbed by the heart.
4. Do not recommend two hands wearing the same style bracelet, like handcuffs. Not nice, not auspicious.