I like your website and want to order some Van Cleef & Arpels replica jewelry.  Before I make my purchase, I have some questions.  


A lot of my friends (and I) own authentic Van Cleef & Arpels, so I really need high-quality replicas.  I also distribute jewelry locally in Los Angeles, so I need truthful answers, so I can verify the quality. 


I have a few specific questions.  THANK YOU in advance for taking the time to answer them:::

  1. Is your jewelry waterproof?  (Can I wear it when I shower?  What about in the swimming pool?  Or can I wear it when I swim in the ocean?)
  2. Will the gold rub off and stones fall out, in time?
  3. Are there certain models that look “more authentic” than other models?   —If so, which models do you recommend?  (My clients tend to prefer gold and rose gold)
  4. Do the clasps, to close the bracelets, say “VCA” on them? (On the models that need them)
  5. Are your necklaces similar or EXACT replicas?  What about the chains?  — Specifically, on the Alhambra necklaces, I have counted the number of “chains” in my authentic necklaces, and examined the shape.  
  6. Also, the size of the circles, that attach the gold chains to the clovers…are those proportional to the clover and chain?
  7. The pave diamond jewelry: can I please see photos of the back of the pieces?  (Is there one that has specific VCA logo on it?)
  8. Does every Alhambra piece of jewelry come with one of the clovers with a “stamped” side on one of the clovers?  What about the bracelets?
  9. How does the color of your gold compare to the real sheen of the real gold?
  10. Does the lighter weight of your jewelry make it fall differently on the body?  (If so, are there any pieces you recommend?)


I like your website and thank you again for your time!  :). --Is there anything specifically that makes your website or jewelry different from other replica-wholesale-sellers? 


If you are able to send samples, that would be great!!! Please let me know if you can send some.  I am a distributor in the US and, if I like your product, I will order more.  


Wishing you a great day and thank you!




 Dear Melissa,

It is so glad to receive your email, thank you for your praise and interest to our website!

We are professional jewelry manufacturer with more than 10 year experiences, please don't worry about the quality of our products. 

And followings are the answers for your questions, please take a look:

1. Yes, our VCA jewelry are waterproof, not problem to wear them in showering, swimming and even in the ocean.

2. We guarantee that our products will not gold rub off and stones won't be fall out by normally wearing. (Frequently rubbed by coarse cloths or other material or knocked on other items don't suit for this guarantee.)

3.We bought the authentic VCA jewelry items from the flag shop to screen the shape and collect the detailed data and then make out the mold, so they are 1:1 grade, real mirror image replicas.

Moreover, the products on our website are made of solid sliver and coated with authentic gold, so they are nickel free and kind to skin, never cause allergy like those cheap goods which only can be sold in flea markets.

4. Yes, what we offer are mirror image grade products, 1:1 as the originals.

5. The chains are the exact copy of the original. please look it at the attached photos and videos.

6. The size of the circle are the proportional, please also look at the attachments.

7. Please look at the attached back part of diamond VCA bracelet.

8. Yes, there is a clover stamped on the back both for necklaces and bracelets.

9.The yellow gold color maybe a little deeper than the authentic real 18K gold items but exact the same as the image on the official website. And it is difficult to be distinguished by eyes.

10. Our VCA jewelry items are made of solid silver which the proportion is close to gold, so the weight difference is not such big as those cheap ones which made of coper.

If there are any else questions, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Sample orders are welcome, but according to our company's policy, we don't offer free samples. If you like to look at the quality of our products, I suggest to place a trail order first and I will apply a big discount for you.

According to your situation, I recommend you to order customized authentic gold and diamond jewelry items.

 The cost of customized authentic gold and diamond items is calculated as followings:

1. Gold cost: 35 dollar a gram. 

2. Diamonds: 550 dollars a carat.

3. Paving wage: 0.7 dollars for one piece of diamond.

4. Crafts cost: 10% of the price for each jewelry item.

5. Profit´╝î shipping cost and the full set of original packaging: 15% of the above total cost.

For example: a bracelet which is 20 grams and paved with 10 pieces of diamonds which is  2 carats in total, then its price is (35*20+550*2+0.7*10)*(1+10%)*(1+15%)=2295.8 dollars.

If the jewelry item is only use 20 grams of gold without diamonds, then its price is 35*20*(1+10%)*(1+15%)=875 dollars.

The delivery date is 2 weeks after receiving 30% of deposit and making full payment before shipment while the products is finished and saw the photos and videos of the authentic products.

Payment methods: Bank wire transfer/ Western Union.

The customized authentic jewelry items can be sold as the original ones which prices are 7 to 20 times. 

How do you think about it?

Many thanks again for your inquiry and wish you a wonderful day!