Summer, shiny, shining jewelry became a female body beating scenery. Summer generally buy platinum jewelry (including platinum and replica hermes h Bracelet gold) and jade more people, platinum color is relatively bright, watching the fresh, jade wearing a cool, but also play a certain role in health care.
1. Earrings are the best companions in summer
Summer is easy to sweat, whether it is wearing a necklace or bracelet, are inevitably sweating, the jewelry attached to the embarrassment of greasy skin, and the ear is not easy to sweat the place. And in the summer, we generally will tie up the hair, revealing a clean ear, matched with a low collar summer cool equipment, this time, of course, is the best time to show the ear cheap van cleef arpels alhambra ring jewelry.
Whether it is elegant single diamond earrings, or retro hanging earrings, can be bold to try. Especially recommended fresh color gem earrings, and the summer of the special fit, but also can bring a cool look, is worth buying a single product.
2. Ring
Ring is the most basic jewelry in all jewelry. Whether it is wedding ring or the general ring, always in the first time to attract the attention of others. Diamond best copy van cleef arpels necklace is the favorite of all women, summer sunshine so that diamonds at all times are shiny, bright dazzling. But at this time must pay attention to the maintenance of diamonds, because it has a lipophilic, it is easy to contaminate the skin greasy and lose luster, this time can be used to clean the cotton ball dip alcohol.
At the same time, the colored gem ring is also a good choice, it can make your fingers look lively and slender, especially recommended sapphire ring, blue is the color of the sky, the color of the lake, it is the color of the summer, the fingers of a little blue, , Qin Liang.
3. Anklet
Ankle has always been an important indicator of elegance or not. Obese and skeletal ankles and a woman's clavicle, are regarded as elegant. And ankle bare in the summer is justifiably. Amy woman certainly will not miss this opportunity. So the anklet has become the wave of this season. Anklet style should be fine, K gold is a good choice, especially this year popular in the fine chain dotted with a small K gold pendant, walking, pendant with the pace of swaying, beautiful woman, even the walk is the style million Species.
The above three are the most worthy of wearing Van Cleef & Arpels earrings copy jewelry in the summer, especially the hot summer. Of course, in the cool weather when the bracelet and necklace can also try. You can choose a more popular style, here to remind that this year's jewelry are "big" for the United States, whether it is stacked to wear, or a large area of ​​color, can become a bright spot.
Style selection has to pay attention
"Miss season said, like their store, a lot of white gold and jewelry to buy platinum fake van cleef alhambra jewelry, this year are preferred those simple design, exquisite style."....
And different age groups, the selection of jewelry is not the same vision. "In general, middle-aged women, especially some bosses, like to choose some flowers, statues and the like is more wealthy, and young people will choose some small, delicate students like cartoon, cute little, such as the zodiac shape, doll Modeling, etc. "China's gold Yiwu Bai Bai shop Zhou Chunhua told reporters.
Note the maintenance of jewelry
Summer is the most difficult to maintain the fake van cleef arpels bracelet jewelry, because sweating and more sweat contains salt and volatile fatty acids and urea and other substances, will erode jewelry, so in order to maintain the original brightness and luster, need to be careful care.
Diamonds are not affected by sweat, but do not wear diamonds when washing dishes or doing rough work. Diamond lipophilic, easy to lose due to oil stains shiny, and by external impact may be scratched or broken.
Gold should avoid swimming, swimming pool, most of the water used for disinfection of chemical substances, easy to corrupt gold.
Jade jewelry fragile, wear time to be careful. Also do not contact with acid, alkali and organic solvents, do not shelve not wear.
In addition, bathing, exercise should try to remove the jewelry, so as not to lose or damage. Do not wear, you should use a soft cloth to wipe clean, single save, do not mix, so as not to collision with each other wear, scratches.