In the happy mountain city photography contest, a "romantic thing", recorded a young guy in the liberation of the monument to the lovers to marry successful happy moments.
    In the photo, a young man cartier love replica bracelet wearing a blue T-shirt, holding flowers, affectionately looking into the arms of the woman, the woman is face with shy. Behind the two people, there are many people onlookers, all holding a red rose, by the couple also smiled face, there are many people take the phone shot in front of the scene.
      Author Zhou Ming-sheng told reporters that this is the last day occurred in the Jiefangbei under the happy event. At that van cleef arpels replica bracelet time he passed the Jiefangbei, see a young man holding a large bunch of red roses, but also kept the roses to passers-by. Asked to know that this guy to marry his girlfriend, so I hope passers-by can support him. Many passers-by also readily accepted the flowers, and accompany the guy to marry him.
      After a while, guy's girlfriend, such as about to see the front of the scene, surprised and pleased, and soon agreed to the young man to marry, crowd of people replica van cleef arpels alhambra bracelet who have been infected by the love of small lovers, have given them blessing.
      Zhou Ming-sheng said that this pair of lovers are not old, looks twenty-four five years old. He asked that the two love more than two years time, cheap replica van cleef alhambra ring and now ready to get married, guy thought for a long time, and finally come up with such a way in Chongqing landmark Jiefangbei to marry him.
      So in a large crowd to marry his girlfriend,van cleef alhambra bracelet replica naturally need some courage. Already retired Zhou Ming-sheng said that in their generation, it is difficult to imagine such a way to marry him, but now young people dare to express their feelings and happiness practices, so that he was infected, so the camera in the hands of the record The whole process of marriage, can be considered a blessing to young people.