Hot summer is approaching, sunken bottom of the copy Hermes H Wide Bracelet jewelry began to rampant, decorated with jewelery in the summer must remember the following matters.
1, simple
For example, in the summer, the clothes will be less, wearing too much jewelry will cause "overwhelming" visual effects, so that is not good. When wearing cheap Hermes Enamel Narrow Bracelet jewelry should be selected when a single piece of jewelry, should not choose to wear three-piece, four-piece jewelry. And in the style of choice on the simple, small and exquisite, should not wear big harassment or big gorgeous jewelry.
2, bright
Summer is hot, so when wearing jewelry, should be visually clear and elegant, and strive to give people to ease the smooth and cool effect. So wear van cleef arpels ring copy jewelry color tone to cool, subtle, not wearing dazzling jewelry, so as not to give a strong visual pressure.
3, coordination
Jewelery itself is used to beautify the human body, which itself is a silent language, it conveys a person's personality, conservation and temperament and other information. copy Hermes H Wide Bracelet Jewelry wear only with the human temperament, occupation, demeanor, age, face, identity, dress, hand type, color, season, environment, gender and other coordination, in order to truly achieve a perfect realm.
4, safe
Summer clothing less, so do not choose to wear VanCleef Arpels magic bracelet replica jewelry when the sharp angle of the jewelry, so as not to scratch the body. In addition, the summer sweat secretion of human body, easy to cause corrosion damage to jewelry, should choose antioxidant, corrosion-resistant jewelry.
Summer jewelry should pay attention to maintenance, high temperatures in the summer sweating more than the human body, because the cheap copy van cleef & arpels bracelet jewelry is not often washed, water stains, residues make it a breeding ground for bacteria, resulting in jewelry and jewelry contact with skin skin, jewelry We want to clean and disinfect regularly, and we remove exercise when we exercise, take a bath and sleep.