Mix and match, is now the most popular fashion elements, the essence of the style is not the same thing together, and can be more fashionable sense of fashion, more unique and personality. Similarly, gold and silver jewelry can also be mixed, in the daily life of jewelry with not necessarily have to copy someone else's law, their own style of gold and silver replica Van Cleef Arpels clover Perlee braceletjewelry should be mixed with their own different style.
      Sterling silver is a beautiful white metal, silver has a good ductility, it is the same with gold, is a long history of precious metals, dating back more than four thousand years of history. Silver is not only favored by the ancient women, and now the fashionable young women almost hand a silver second hand Van Cleef Arpels jewelryjewelry, especially a small number of ethnic areas, Miao women almost a set of silver jewelry, the general Miao women married when the headdress jewelry are silver jewelry.
      The so-called gold and silver jewelry, which also includes gold, gold ornaments are relatively richer, more color change. Gold is divided into gold, k gold two, gold has a noble atmosphere of gold, in ancient times is a symbol of the nobility of the emperor, k gold is gold and other precious metals in accordance with a certain ratio of mixed, the color is relatively rich, relatively more fashionable atmosphere.
      Some people may ask, how can these two different styles of accessories can mix and match? Put them together will be what kind of effect? Now we will see all kinds of stars will be mixed with different materials,replica van cleef arpels Perlee Pendant  jewelry, which is also no shortage of gold and silver jewelry mix and match, they can these jewelry with a different domineering style. You can use the rose k gold bracelet with a white silver ring, silver fashion and k gold luxury interpretation of a different kind of style.
      But also need to pay attention to gold and silver jewelry color with the skills, white silver and precious metal replica van cleef arpels braceletjewelry is a cool series of accessories, and gold and a variety of bright colors of the jewelry is warm color of the accessories, wearing a cool color when the jewelry can be appropriate to increase a Warm color jewelry, so that the overall effect is more coordinated, but need to pay attention to is that if the body wearing more jewelry, you should keep all kinds of jewelry in the style and theme of the consistency, and will not mix and match the messy feeling.
      In fact, regardless of any form of mashup, including gold and silver replica Van Cleef Arpels Alhambra ringjewelry mix and match the most important point is: no matter how with, to show their own style and characteristics are absolutely right, do not need too much skill, do not need to deliberately Decorate, just need to understand your own style and characteristics!