Vintage Alhambra Ring with DiamondMarriage ring is to create a marry the key to the atmosphere, but also carry the boy really love things, so girls are particularly concerned about. But not every girl has a pair of perfect hands to wear a diamond van cleef arpels ring, so choose the style of the diamond ring into a boy when the proposed marriage. Now let Ring's small series to explain how to choose the diamond ring it. Just understand the situation of the girl, according to the appropriate mix of principles to buy, boy, you will find her for her the most suitable for her one.
      Slender hands, any style and cutting the shape of the diamonds can be used with the perfect match, if the section of the replica van cleef Vintage Alhambra Ring, coupled with large particles of diamonds, full and Tingxiu; if the fine ring, hold up the fine single diamonds, Xiuya breath filling finger.
  Crude short hands, simple and slender single grain pointed sharp diamond can visually show the slender fingers, so that it added a beauty.
   Thin hands, square, rectangular and round copy van cleef arpels Butterfly Ring diamonds can help them increase the sense of realism, if the main drill next to some bright inlaid with a small diamond, can make your fingers colorful.
 Petite hands, diamonds should not be too large, the current popular single diamond ring is its best choice, simple and fresh, elegant and beautiful, small home Jasper style vividly on.
      Rough hands, rugged wide ring seems to be designed for this type of hand design, large grain of the grain-shaped, oval-shaped diamond to make its atmosphere without losing elegance.
 Do you remember that Shangri-La's replica van cleef vintage Ring wedding? Remember the closest lovers from happiness? Remember the wedding on the bright knot in the heart of the diamond ring? It is like a ring of My heart, a man can only use his ID card to buy the only one to marry a diamond ring, if that is the case, Nana may be the most happy entertainment woman, just because Zhang Jie is the only one, dare Give the only sincere commitment to the life of the male artist.