The face of an array of jewelry, many people worry: how to buy their own jewelry for it? In the wear process but also pay attention to what matters? Buy home jewelry and how to maintain?
  To answer everyone's questions,replica Van Cleef & Arpels Vintage Alhambra bracelet jewelry network will launch the "jewelry class", invited the Zhejiang Provincial Quality Inspection Science Institute professor level senior, jewelry testing experts and teachers to bring jewelry in the purchase, with the maintenance and knowledge.
  Value and connotation
  Gold has always been the most popular jewelry materials for the elderly, there are some elderly people to buy gold in order to preserve the needs of life for the elderly to provide a guarantee. Tao Jinbo said that the Chinese people have always been "golden complex", that gold represents the wealth, auspicious. Gold jewelry can bring the spirit of the elderly comfort, so that they have a sense of happiness and tranquility.
  Pearl is another expert recommended copy VanCleefArpels Alhambra bracelet jewelry varieties, compared with other varieties, the most significant is the pearl with the cool effect. Pearl price span is very large, from hundreds of ordinary pearl necklace, to the collection of thousands of books, the price has. Relatively speaking, to the origin of direct purchase of pearl ring, necklace, etc. will be cheaper.
  Jade material, Tao Jinbo more recommended emerald and agate, they both have a warm and lush jade gem and magnificent tough. Ring-shaped jade bracelet, easy to wear, and the shape of a successful, inherited the rich meaning, is a good choice.
  More practicality
  From the decoration speaking, the elderly replica 6 motif Van Cleef Arpels Vintage long necklace jewelry, not too much, too complicated, too complex, elegant style, color and plain style is more appropriate. And clothing with, more prominent this age-specific temperament and charm. Such as gold jewelry, in the form, you can consider Tianyuan ring, side ring, Tsui ring, dragon and phoenix bracelets and so on.
  At the same time, should avoid buying cumbersome switch jewelry, you can choose with a buckle, s type and other convenient switch, so that the more easy for the elderly themselves off.
  Another point to note is that the elderly jewelry volume should not be too small, too small ornaments are easy to lose, but inconvenience. In the purchase of cheap fake van cleef ring jewelry, first set a budget, in their own economic capacity can bear the scope of the purchase for their own, do not have to buy expensive.