Van Cleef Arpels Vintage Alhambra 10 Malachite Motifs Necklace White GoldRemove a box filled with rings, and then add a bouquet of flowers, fixed up! But life needs creativity, love needs more creativity. We are not always complaining about life without color,replica van cleef arpels alhambra necklace love like fast food?
From acquaintance, fell in love to marriage, the total hope; more than a good province; go straight to the target away. As for the proposal of this ring, many people say that it is the matter on the film, can save the province on it. So the original fast food-like love even more flavor. However, not all men love to save trouble, when we accidentally from the side to explore the following few real marriage proposal, we simply want to rally!
  One night, as in the past, Miss Wang and several licensees after playing cards back to their own downstairs lobby. She found that the usual brightly lit lobby was dark even tonight, when the romantic romance romance sounded, a pair of red lights in line with the ILOVEYOU, in the dark is particularly dazzling. She was wondering, the lights in the lobby suddenly light up. Miss Wang was surprised to find that do not know when the eyes actually stood her boyfriend Mr. Zhang, holding a bouquet of roses in his hand. And have left a few friends, do not know when to turn back. Ambush in the fire in the passage of a few friends, drums palm burst into her face. Miss Wang is both surprised and excited,replica van cleef arpels vintage 20 motifs necklace this time, Mr. Zhang handed the diamond ring and roses. Everyone breathtaking, waiting for Miss Wang's response. Miss Wang shyly took the rose, stretched out his hand to her boyfriend for the ring. We cheered cheerfully;
   Originally, Mr. Zhang and his girlfriend are living in the painting area, in the district BBS met a bunch of similar age, interested friends. And his girlfriend dating 7 years of Mr. Zhang, wondering on the anniversary of the dating to the girlfriend to a special point of the ceremony, so to help friends for help. A group of old friends to help copy van cleef vintage alhambra necklace, immediately prepared A, B two plans, and agreed to Miss Wang confidential!
   Proposed the night before, more than ten people mighty gathered in one of the friends of the family to join the festivities. An owner of the advertising design served as the director of the event. Everyone you made me a word, and ultimately finalize the big direction, the next good job, the next day to act separately.
   In the evening, after dinner, after dinner, the owner of the card group plans to invite Miss Wang to the next floor to play cards, the rest of the people rushed to the scene layout. From 12 o'clock there are 15 minutes, a few people playing cards do not play, so we pretend to do their own home. When Miss Wang entered the lobby when it was just midnight 12, van cleef arpels alhambra lucky long necklace replica so staged a scene before.
Although this time is late at night, but we still do not want to leave, a few women owners took their own half, in front of their layout before the photo, sharing this happiness and joy.